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On the edge of the beautiful Quebec City, Le Grant Salon evokes a beautiful family history. Salon of about 2000 square feet, they wanted to create a beauty center offering multiple services with a contemporary design.

The Challenge 

Defining new available services in the salon by also maximizing the various areas; therefore, increasing the efficiency and profitability of the establishment. Since three different generations were involved, the challenge was to satisfy each of the family member’s visions, by guiding them throughout the different phases of the project. Their perceptions of the improved space included a vast retail section integrating the reception, as well as a ‘’FEATURE’’ wall, for the focal point located right in the heat of the action. The styling stations, with their impressive round mirrors, also gave a lot of character to the space.

The Final Concept

Right in the heat of the action, the waiting area is surrounded by a nice retail section. Next to it, a vast reception including a coffee bar, offering clients a variety of beverages. The reception location is to assure that the clients are always welcomed, while offering the receptionist an overall view of the salon. The astonishing central retail wall brings everyone’s attention and becomes the main focal point with a perfect positioning of the styling stations to promote dynamism inside the space. And finally, an arrangement to allow natural light for all people found inside the building.

The Impact

The fluidity of the salon allows everyone to move freely through the open space and offers an overall view of the services provided. The wide windows allow natural light to invade space therefore putting emphasis on the brightness of the room. The monochrome design, with smooth lines and harmonious textures and materials, confer elegance to this contemporary salon.

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